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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DOTA MAP Installer v6.72b

Download Links Here: - May 04, 2011 ! ! !

DOTA Map Installer (filefactory) - .exe
DOTA Map Installer (megaupoload) - .exe

If you have a problem, please let me know, post a comment here:


  1. it cannot work...i install many time but it still wan me try to install the program again..what problem?

  2. I believe you are using vista or win7:
    To fix the problem::
    Run the program as administrator

  3. It didn't work... When I tried creating a game it said, "The map size is too big."

  4. perhaps your not using the latest patch pls. check your patch if it is 1.24e or higher.
    if not, then you should upgrade your patch..

  5. can someone explain me how i can open the fcking game? i already installed all things (i think) but how i open the game? my warcraft is from the internet

  6. Hi Tiago,
    the file i uplaoded is just a map of:
    WARCRAFT III The Frozen Throne

    so to play the game, you must have a WARCRAFT III TFT atleast version 1.24e, install the Map from this site, then play the game via local area network or single player..

    the map that you have downloaded is located at DOTA folder while you are creating the game.

    you may want to download the 1.25b version: